Friday, 27 June 2014

Paul Shinners Hate Video

This is Paul Shinners, a UK preacher and head of a charity (No.1131321) that the Charity Commission of England & Wales pointedly refused to investigate.

He is making a hate speech in favour of the Kill the Gays Bill back in 2012, having claimed that he had never been to Uganda. He is most probably using publicly donated funds from his charity to pay for this trip, headlining alongside lead Kill the Gays supporter (the death penalty clause had not been removed by this point) David Kiganda.

When alerted to Paul Shinners' actions, the Charity Commission took over one year to respond to an enquiry, and only then to say:

Following your concerns raised with the Commission in January 2013 about the charity’s trustee, Mr Shinners, the Charity Commission contacted him requesting an explanation of how his attendance at the event in Uganda to which you refer was in pursuit of charitable purposes. Mr Shinners explained why his attendance at the event was appropriate charitable activity, vigorously denied making any homophobic statements and took steps to make this publicly known.

Well, that's alright then Charity Commission... 

We renew our calls for Paul Shinners to be struck off as a Charity Trustee in the United Kingdom, and for the Charity Commission of England & Wales to start an immediate investigation into Passion for Souls Ministries, explaining how this is a charitable use of money: @ChtyCommission

Stay up-to-date on Shinners via Facebook and this blog. If you're still not too sure who he is, you can search this blog for a back catalogue of his abuses.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Uganda Hitting Vulnerable People

Oh diddums.

If there's anyone who knows about hitting vulnerable people, it's the Ugandan Government. They even beat up peaceful protesters.

Whereas it's true that persecuting LGBT people is bad for the economy:

Since passing laws mandating the life in prison for “homosexual acts” in February, Uganda has seen its currency weaken considerably, with US dollars now costing nearly 6% more since the day the law was signed. 

Much of the aid money is being re-routed to local NGOs, working directly with vulnerable people, rather than continuing to go to politicians who corruptly pocket the money for a new mansion or a BMW. 

It's a bit of a change of tune for a government that was only a few weeks ago saying 'we don't need international aid.'

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Pigs in Parliament

No, for once we're not talking about the politicians.

Two Ugandan students and police have been arrested after two painted pigs were smuggled past tight parliament security in a protest against political corruption and youth unemployment.
The pigs, painted yellow - the colour of the ruling National Resistance Movement - were smuggled by two university students for their protest in Kampala on Tuesday. The pigs also had slogans pinned to their ears condemning corruption.

The police responded by testing the pigs for 'terrorism related materials'. This time we hope they were talking about the politicians.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Sam Kutesa now President of UN General Assembly

(click to enlarge)

It's fairly hard to argue with a sentiment like that on a day like today.

Uganda's Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa was elected president of the U.N. General Assembly on Wednesday despite concerns among human rights advocates, Western governments and U.N. officials about his country's recently adopted anti-gay legislation. 
After his election by acclamation without a vote in the 193-nation General Assembly, Kutesa pledged to promote gender equality and women's rights and to continue a United Nations drive to eradicate poverty and combat climate change. He did not raise the issue of gay rights.

Of course he didn't, and nobody made him.

Besides, who's listening to Navi Pillay anyway? She's only a woman after all, and she makes the old boys at the UN uncomfortable with all her talk of queers.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Uganda Forcibly Closes Refugee Law Project

An NGO based at Makerere University, which:

[W]orks to ensure that all people access, recover and enjoy their sexual and gender being and rights, and to raise global awareness of the close relationship between violations of sexuality and gender, and patterns of forced migration.

Has been forced to cease operations under the new anti-homosexuality bill.

The Ugandan government has restricted the activities of a group accused of ‘promoting homosexuality, a crime under the Anti-Homosexuality Act.
The Refugee Law Project (RLP), whose office hosts the coalition of activists opposing the anti-LGBTI law, has been under investigation since mid-March...
RLP confirmed it had received letters from the Minister of Relief, Disaster Preparedness and Refugees and other government officials ordering it to suspend some of its activities.

Even before the bill was assented, the government was closing down schools for reports of homosexuality, and the bill's requirement that you must report anyone you suspect of being gay creates a fundamental failure in doctor-patient confidentiality, leading to a lack of health care for LGBTI people.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

UK's Legacy of LGBTI Abuse

Harriet Nakigudde

The UK seems to be on a one-track persecution mission against Ugandan lesbians at the moment:

And now Harriet Nakigudde:

UK to deport lesbian to Uganda for ‘being single for five years’: A 30-year-old woman who was raped by her uncle, leaving relationships traumatic, will be deported tomorrow

The UK government will be deporting a lesbian back to Uganda as she has been single for five years.
Harriet Nakigudde, 30, applied for asylum in the UK fearing for her life because of her sexuality.
The asylum seeker, who first came to the country in 2009, fled her native country after an event that left her deeply traumatized.
In 2008, her uncle raped her to ‘cure’ her sexuality. Following this, her family disowned her and she was forced to leave Uganda.

The UK's treatment of vulnerable women is disgusting, and their detention centres are already known for sexually abusing inmates. The international community is horrifically failing Uganda's abused LGBT victims.

Friday, 30 May 2014

Africa's First Openly Gay Minister & MTN's Shame

Zakhele Mbhele

The appointment of Zakhele Mbhele, Africa's first openly gay minister, in South Africa is certainly a momentous occasion.

However, we find his success tainted by the fact that South Africa continues to support an extremely homophobic Ambassador to Uganda, Jon Qwelane. Just Google his name to read about his legacy of hate. 

Not only is Qwelane the South African Ambassador to Uganda, he is also a trustee of the MTN Foundation.


Use the above to contact MTN Uganda to tell them that it is not okay to have Jon Qwelane promoting their charity.

How can South Africa promote equality at home whilst exporting gay hate abroad?