Sunday, 25 August 2013

Ugandan Activist Beaten and Left for Dead

Jeniffer Ikanza

[UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2013: It has been reported by an LGBT rights organisation working with Ms. Ikanza that this was a domestic incident and not directly related to her work as a campaigner.]

A Ugandan gay activist is fighting for her life after a frightening attack just outside Jinja, in eastern Uganda.

Jeniffer Ikanza, 25, is part of Gender Equality and Health Organization (GEHO), a queer group in Jinja that operates a network of safe houses for LGBT people fleeing homophobic families and police arrest.

GEHO executive director Andrew Waiswa says the attack happened on Aug 18. Ikanza got a call about a woman in trouble from a neighbouring village. The woman said that her husband didn’t know she’s bisexual and that she feared she might be killed if he found out. She told Ikanza that she desperately needed someone to talk to.

On her way there, Ikanza was attacked by a mob, Waiswa says. “Just before reaching her destination, she heard a woman call out to her. Jeniffer doesn’t know if that was the same woman who phoned her. Suddenly, a gang of women came out from the bush out of the blue and started beating her, kicking her and throwing rocks at her.

Update on this story here.

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