Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Women Deserve Rape

Carrying on Uganda's farcical list of ministers, including the Minister for Ethics who raided an LGBTI workshop, thinks women should be arrested for wearing short skirts and that raping girls is natural.

Now we have the Youth Affairs Minister, Ronald Kibuule, who believes that women are responsible for being raped if they are not dressed 'appropriately,' and should even be arrested for inviting the crime:

In the Daily Monitor of 24th September, Youth Affairs Minister Ronald Kibuule went on record with the notion that women dressed indecently have asked to be raped and suspects who have raped such women should be released. To quote the newspaper he said "If she is dressed poorly and is raped, no one should be arrested". He also said that in cases of rape, police should first ascertain the dress code of the victim, and if they were dressed indecently, they should also be charged with inviting the crime. By these words, Mr. Kibule is promoting the rape of women based on their dress code; he is excusing rapists for their crimes against supposedly scantily clad women and; he is ensuring that victims of rape are afraid to come forward for fear of being persecuted for being raped. He should lose his position immediately since he clearly does not represent the well being of his constituents.

There's also a Twitter hashtag: #KibuuleMustGo

The ironic part is that the lead campaigner to get him dismissed is Speaker of the House, Rebecca Kadaga. Ho hum.

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