Monday, 23 September 2013

Lively: Hero, Demon, Joke

Continuing his global campaign of venom, bile, and self-denial, everyone's favourite hate preacher, Scott Lively, is shown above suggesting that the only tragedy about someone punching a gay man in the face was that he later died, leaving the innocent puncher accused of murder.

When President Vladimir Putin recently banned “homosexual propaganda” in Russia, he joined sides in a new global culture war: a struggle to stop the march of gay rights abroad even as advocates wave rainbow flags in America. Now, as the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics approach, both sides are bracing for unrest — and an American pastor is taking credit for the law that started it all.

Scott Lively is a hero to some, a demon to others and a joke to still more...

Last month a federal judge allowed a first-of-its-kind lawsuit to proceed against Lively that alleges the pastor persecuted gays in Uganda and committed a potential “crime against humanity” — one that contributed to a bill that would have made homosexuality an act punishable by death. And yet the grey-haired 57-year-old has refused to quiet down.

Meanwhile, news today from SMUG, who are bringing that case:

Once again, Another victory in SMUG vs Scott Lively case today: Judge denied Pastor Scott Lively's effort to prevent case from moving to collection of evidence. Thanks Centre for Constitutional Rights CCR.

What a shame they don't revoke his passport whilst he's waiting to stand trial.

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